In 1957, Breitling debuted the Superocean Heritage collection, a pioneer in deep-sea diving. The collection was a huge success and quickly gained popularity among early amateur divers. For its 60th anniversary, Breitling has added new life to this classic watch collection while retaining its unique personality. That’s why Breitling introduced the Superocean Heritage II replica watches, available in 42mm and 46mm.

The Difference Between Dials

The Breitling Superocean Heritage I and II replica watches haven’t changed much in terms of overall design, but there are still some changes. Let’s start with the dial. First the pointer. The hour hand got longer and a bar was added in the middle. In addition, the pencil-shaped minute hand became a sword-shaped minute hand. Next is the location of the date. The new Breitling Superocean Heritage replica watches have moved the date window from the three o’clock position to the six o’clock position. It’s also the most direct way to distinguish Superocean Heritage I from II.

The Difference Between Material And Movement

Superocean Heritage II Breitling replica watches uses a high-tech ceramic bezel. And Breitling also removed the metal ring around the minute scale on the bezel. So we can see that the bezel and the dial blend together perfectly.

The most important change is the internal movement. Breitling replica Superocean Heritage I watches uses the NO.B17 caliber based on the ETA2824-2. But the Superocean Heritage II watches are powered by a B20 automatic mechanical movement based on the Tudor MT5612. And the new movement can provide at least 70 hours of kinetic energy storage. However, as is customary, Breitling does not show us this external movement. That’s why the caseback of these replica watches is solid.

Overall, Breitling Superocean Heritage II watches replica are more premium than the I. So I think the Superocean Heritage II replicas are the better choice.

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