Cartier celestial running mysterious tourbillon fake watches

Cartier’s new celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon replica watch is faithful to Maurice Cue’s original idea that most parts of the 9462 MC movement are suspended in the center of the dial. With a compact appearance, it features only two hands. The movement has 408 parts (188 of which are ball bearings) and four times the number of conventional functional minute and minute hand movement parts. In short, Astromysterieux is a contradictory watch — inherently highly complex, but most of the tricks are hidden.

The celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon replica watch is basically all movement parts, clockwork, gear trains and regulators, all in a cage that makes one hour and one turn. The cage consists of a distinct upper splint and a transparent sapphire disc underneath, which appears to float in mid-air and is surrounded by a guilloché hourly digital ring hour scale.
At one end of the cage is a barrel, engraved with the words “Cartier” and the other end is a balance wheel. Between them is the gear train. This entire mechanism, including the governor mechanism, rotates around the dial every 60 minutes, making it a 60-minute central tourbillon. For this reason, the minute hand is mounted directly on the splint. The tube is unorthodox but the 9462 MC movement is indeed a tourbillon movement. The tourbillon frame, the basic splint and the sapphire disc, weighs only 3.75 grams. To balance the weight of the moving parts, an 18k gold weight is attached to the tail of the sapphire disc.

The mystery of the mysterious suspension of the movement of the celestial body is the four transparent sapphire discs, each superimposed on top of the other. The top is carrying the movement parts while the second is loading the hour hand. The other is the winding mechanism, which links to the crown. The last piece is a fixed sapphire disc as a unitary substrate.
Celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon fake watch All sapphire disc edges have their own teeth, made by strong ion etching (DRIE), which is often used to make high-precision processes for memory, and is now also used for watch parts. Metal gear teeth. All the teeth, as well as the gears for the winding and setting, are hidden under the dial ring. Most of the teeth are very small, such as 360 teeth on the edge of the hour sapphire disc. Fixing the disc between the discs is also a difficult task to avoid vibration and mutual interference.
This celestial running mysterious tourbillon watch is made of 950 ‰ palladium and has a diameter of 43.5 mm. It is equipped with a new mysterious movement of the Cartier 9462 MC. It not only combines Cartier’s bold creativity and watchmaking, but also embodies the essence of the brand’s mysterious timepiece creation for more than a century!

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