Omega Seamaster Series Diver 300Mreplica watch

In 1993, Omega launched the Hippocampus Series Professional 300M, a timepiece with a quartz movement or a Cal.1109 automatic movement (based on ETA 2892 sanding, which was quickly replaced by Cal.1120). The watch has a sturdy case, lyre lugs, 12-dented 60-point bezel, a five-section steel chain, a 10-point drain valve and a blue wavy dial. These elements have also become the hallmarks of the collection. Later, in the film “The Golden Eye of 007” released in 1995, this watch appeared on the wrist of James Bond, and thus the fate of this watch was changed forever, it was given a more Loud name: “Bonde Table”.
First of all, the new replica watches Omega Seamaster series Diver 300M watch looks like the SMP300 changed color, it seems that there is nothing new, it seems that there is nothing to discuss, it is still a well-known Simple, high quality diving timepiece. However, if we go deeper and look closely, we will find that everything on the new model is different. Material, proportion, movement, color… Omega has done a lot of work in the radical innovation of the SMP300 while retaining its purest soul.

Omega SMP300 watch story
Over the years, this fake watches have also been improved. The first was in the late 1990s, when a simple movement based on ETA sanding was upgraded to Cal. 2500 with a coaxial escapement. Then, as the trend of using ceramics became more prevalent, it had a bezel made of ceramic material, but it was matched with a polished lacquer black or blue dial, which means that the ripple pattern did not reappear. This is a bit frustrating. After all, this is part of the ‘Bond Table.’ Without it, it feels that the nose is not the nose or the mouth. But now, the wave pattern has returned.
The new Omega Seamaster Series Diver
300M fake watch At the Basel exhibition in 2018, we are very happy to see that the wave pattern has returned to the Omega Seamaster series Diver 300M watch, but if you think this is the main update of the 2018 SMP appearance, That’s wrong, because it has more differences that could not be discovered in the first place. Its appearance did not produce any substantial changes, but Omega took a long way in the technical update, and finally came up with a new work with exquisite craftsmanship and moderate price after careful consideration.

First of all, let’s start with the case. The 1993 SMP case measures 41mm, but the new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M watch has increased by 1mm to 42mm. The rest of the design has not changed much, still: lyre lugs, polished bevels between the lugs to the lugs, the sides of the drawn shell and the outer edge of the bezel, 12 dimples and the bezel A well-protected crown. The drain valve is still placed in the 10 o’clock position, but the shape has been redesigned into a cone. The thickness of the case is 13.5mm, which is slightly higher than the previous model, but for a diving watch with 300m diving ability, this is a fairly standard size.
The new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory has been introduced almost as a complete line because of its wide selection of dials/straps/chains/materials. In addition to the classic black dial/bezel and blue dial/bezel style, Omega offers a slightly different but still fascinating grey dial/blue bezel style with gold (precious steel and precious metal) styles. . The integrated rubber strap has a delicate brushed strip and the steel chain has been redesigned, but it is still a 5-band chain + 4 polished lines. Compared with the previous models, the surface of the new bracelet has become flatter and the outline has been slightly thicker. The most important thing is that there is a world of difference in grade.

We can see that the design at the bezel has also changed. Although the polished ceramics are still used, the scales are marked differently (mainly in the first 15 minutes), and the numbers are no longer engraved, but are filled with white enamel (or on the gold) Ceragold material). This approach is used because it provides longer-lasting whiteness and enhances durability.
The most important appearance update is of course also on the disk. First of all, the dial of the new watch is made of ceramic material, which is why the Zr02 word appears below the axis. The wavy pattern engraved on it is attributed to the laser processing technology, which enables the classic to be re-exacted with precision and precision. The calendar display window has also been shifted from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock to make the dial overall more balanced. The iconic hands and time markers have also changed, and because they are covered with more luminous materials, they are more vivid and make the readability more outstanding.
In terms of overall style, the new Hippocampus Diver 300M watch is very similar to the previous model, but the updated dial and the use of different materials make it less of a tool-like timepiece. On the one hand, the superior quality that consumers can directly feel has been greatly improved, but its sporty atmosphere is correspondingly lacking. On the other hand, considering the use of materials, the adjustment of precision, the construction process of the bezel of the watch case, the price level of the new watch is indeed mouth-watering.
Finally, the new Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory also used the sapphire back-to-back design for the first time. And not only that, but it also carries a new movement, which is a more modern to the Observatory’s automatic movement Cal.8800. Compared to the previous Cal.2500, which was ground on an ETA movement, the new movement is a huge upgrade: anti-magnetic, reliable, precise, longer moving and more sophisticated workmanship. At this price level, this movement and the process technology it has is the best choice on the market.
to sum up
The new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory watch can be said to be both perfect and imperfect. It is not perfect because Omega chose to use the luxurious atmosphere as the “wrapping paper”, which is destined to be impossible. Those who prefer the ‘tool’ atmosphere are more favored; the perfect thing is because in terms of cost performance, it is definitely a timepiece that doesn’t have to be considered directly.

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