Omega Seamaster Series Diver 300Mreplica watch

In 1993, Omega launched the Hippocampus Series Professional 300M, a timepiece with a quartz movement or a Cal.1109 automatic movement (based on ETA 2892 sanding, which was quickly replaced by Cal.1120). The watch has a sturdy case, lyre lugs, 12-dented 60-point bezel, a five-section steel chain, a 10-point drain valve and a blue wavy dial. These elements have also become the hallmarks of the collection. Later, in the film “The Golden Eye of 007” released in 1995, this watch appeared on the wrist of James Bond, and thus the fate of this watch was changed forever, it was given a more Loud name: “Bonde Table”.
First of all, the new replica watches Omega Seamaster series Diver 300M watch looks like the SMP300 changed color, it seems that there is nothing new, it seems that there is nothing to discuss, it is still a well-known Simple, high quality diving timepiece. However, if we go deeper and look closely, we will find that everything on the new model is different. Material, proportion, movement, color… Omega has done a lot of work in the radical innovation of the SMP300 while retaining its purest soul.

Omega SMP300 watch story
Over the years, this fake watches have also been improved. The first was in the late 1990s, when a simple movement based on ETA sanding was upgraded to Cal. 2500 with a coaxial escapement. Then, as the trend of using ceramics became more prevalent, it had a bezel made of ceramic material, but it was matched with a polished lacquer black or blue dial, which means that the ripple pattern did not reappear. This is a bit frustrating. After all, this is part of the ‘Bond Table.’ Without it, it feels that the nose is not the nose or the mouth. But now, the wave pattern has returned.
The new Omega Seamaster Series Diver
300M fake watch At the Basel exhibition in 2018, we are very happy to see that the wave pattern has returned to the Omega Seamaster series Diver 300M watch, but if you think this is the main update of the 2018 SMP appearance, That’s wrong, because it has more differences that could not be discovered in the first place. Its appearance did not produce any substantial changes, but Omega took a long way in the technical update, and finally came up with a new work with exquisite craftsmanship and moderate price after careful consideration.

First of all, let’s start with the case. The 1993 SMP case measures 41mm, but the new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M watch has increased by 1mm to 42mm. The rest of the design has not changed much, still: lyre lugs, polished bevels between the lugs to the lugs, the sides of the drawn shell and the outer edge of the bezel, 12 dimples and the bezel A well-protected crown. The drain valve is still placed in the 10 o’clock position, but the shape has been redesigned into a cone. The thickness of the case is 13.5mm, which is slightly higher than the previous model, but for a diving watch with 300m diving ability, this is a fairly standard size.
The new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory has been introduced almost as a complete line because of its wide selection of dials/straps/chains/materials. In addition to the classic black dial/bezel and blue dial/bezel style, Omega offers a slightly different but still fascinating grey dial/blue bezel style with gold (precious steel and precious metal) styles. . The integrated rubber strap has a delicate brushed strip and the steel chain has been redesigned, but it is still a 5-band chain + 4 polished lines. Compared with the previous models, the surface of the new bracelet has become flatter and the outline has been slightly thicker. The most important thing is that there is a world of difference in grade.

We can see that the design at the bezel has also changed. Although the polished ceramics are still used, the scales are marked differently (mainly in the first 15 minutes), and the numbers are no longer engraved, but are filled with white enamel (or on the gold) Ceragold material). This approach is used because it provides longer-lasting whiteness and enhances durability.
The most important appearance update is of course also on the disk. First of all, the dial of the new watch is made of ceramic material, which is why the Zr02 word appears below the axis. The wavy pattern engraved on it is attributed to the laser processing technology, which enables the classic to be re-exacted with precision and precision. The calendar display window has also been shifted from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock to make the dial overall more balanced. The iconic hands and time markers have also changed, and because they are covered with more luminous materials, they are more vivid and make the readability more outstanding.
In terms of overall style, the new Hippocampus Diver 300M watch is very similar to the previous model, but the updated dial and the use of different materials make it less of a tool-like timepiece. On the one hand, the superior quality that consumers can directly feel has been greatly improved, but its sporty atmosphere is correspondingly lacking. On the other hand, considering the use of materials, the adjustment of precision, the construction process of the bezel of the watch case, the price level of the new watch is indeed mouth-watering.
Finally, the new Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory also used the sapphire back-to-back design for the first time. And not only that, but it also carries a new movement, which is a more modern to the Observatory’s automatic movement Cal.8800. Compared to the previous Cal.2500, which was ground on an ETA movement, the new movement is a huge upgrade: anti-magnetic, reliable, precise, longer moving and more sophisticated workmanship. At this price level, this movement and the process technology it has is the best choice on the market.
to sum up
The new Omega Hippocampus Diver 300M to the Observatory watch can be said to be both perfect and imperfect. It is not perfect because Omega chose to use the luxurious atmosphere as the “wrapping paper”, which is destined to be impossible. Those who prefer the ‘tool’ atmosphere are more favored; the perfect thing is because in terms of cost performance, it is definitely a timepiece that doesn’t have to be considered directly.

Jaeger-LeCoultre series replica watch stainless steel watch 1428530

In recent years, the vintage style of the replica watches has become popular, and each brand has re-created its own most famous watch in the market, and the market is eager to try this retro style. Today, this retro style watch is one of the brightest stars, it is the Jaeger-LeCoultre series geographer steel watch 1428530!
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters Series Steel Watch 1428530 is the representative of the retro style. The best place to reflect its retro style is its partitioned dial. This dial is popular in the late 1920s and early 1950s. Its characteristics are generally It includes a multi-circle dial inside and outside and a radial time scale from the top to the inner and outer circle. The dials of different circles tend to adopt similar but different colors or surface treatments, but this is only a generalized statement. Actually The changes are quite rich and cannot be generalized.

The new version of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters series of stainless steel fake watches 1428530 is undoubtedly a type of partitioned dial, the faceplate is divided into three circles, the hour and minute scales are outward and inward radiation, respectively. Different from the white of the inner ring and the outer ring, the middle circle adopts the surface treatment of silver gray and concentric circles, so that the world timetable that we have already seen is instantly showing a completely different retro style, and it is unusual. like.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Masters Series Fine Steel Fake Watch Watch 1428530 watches with a separate 12-hour clock and day and night display to indicate the second time, the second time is synchronized with the world city name underneath, rotate 10 When the crown of the clock is turned, the second hour and the city ring will be synchronized, which is technically a world time zone table.
The designer added a highlight to the authentic Sector Dial style, which is the use of light blue to make the key decoration; blue is originally one of the common colors of the advanced table, but most of them are deep navy blue, The color like this close to the water blue is still very rare, which makes the retro surface less traditional. This light blue application is not so obvious in the three-pin model, but it is quite popular in the chronograph and the two time models. The small characters on the disk are almost printed in blue, forming a watch outside the Sector Dial. Another visual impression.

Cartier celestial running mysterious tourbillon fake watches

Cartier’s new celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon replica watch is faithful to Maurice Cue’s original idea that most parts of the 9462 MC movement are suspended in the center of the dial. With a compact appearance, it features only two hands. The movement has 408 parts (188 of which are ball bearings) and four times the number of conventional functional minute and minute hand movement parts. In short, Astromysterieux is a contradictory watch — inherently highly complex, but most of the tricks are hidden.

The celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon replica watch is basically all movement parts, clockwork, gear trains and regulators, all in a cage that makes one hour and one turn. The cage consists of a distinct upper splint and a transparent sapphire disc underneath, which appears to float in mid-air and is surrounded by a guilloché hourly digital ring hour scale.
At one end of the cage is a barrel, engraved with the words “Cartier” and the other end is a balance wheel. Between them is the gear train. This entire mechanism, including the governor mechanism, rotates around the dial every 60 minutes, making it a 60-minute central tourbillon. For this reason, the minute hand is mounted directly on the splint. The tube is unorthodox but the 9462 MC movement is indeed a tourbillon movement. The tourbillon frame, the basic splint and the sapphire disc, weighs only 3.75 grams. To balance the weight of the moving parts, an 18k gold weight is attached to the tail of the sapphire disc.

The mystery of the mysterious suspension of the movement of the celestial body is the four transparent sapphire discs, each superimposed on top of the other. The top is carrying the movement parts while the second is loading the hour hand. The other is the winding mechanism, which links to the crown. The last piece is a fixed sapphire disc as a unitary substrate.
Celestial body-running mysterious tourbillon fake watch All sapphire disc edges have their own teeth, made by strong ion etching (DRIE), which is often used to make high-precision processes for memory, and is now also used for watch parts. Metal gear teeth. All the teeth, as well as the gears for the winding and setting, are hidden under the dial ring. Most of the teeth are very small, such as 360 teeth on the edge of the hour sapphire disc. Fixing the disc between the discs is also a difficult task to avoid vibration and mutual interference.
This celestial running mysterious tourbillon watch is made of 950 ‰ palladium and has a diameter of 43.5 mm. It is equipped with a new mysterious movement of the Cartier 9462 MC. It not only combines Cartier’s bold creativity and watchmaking, but also embodies the essence of the brand’s mysterious timepiece creation for more than a century!

Seiko 1970 diving watch replica watch Replica SLA033

The new Seiko SLA033 is one of the most anticipated and most watched works at the Basel 2012 exhibition. It is undeniable that Seiko’s dive timepieces in all price ranges are more memorable than other brands. This is not achieved through well-planned marketing methods, but a good word of mouth. The result of casting. Inspired by another famous diving watch in history, Seiko launched the 1970 diving watch replica watches SLA033.
This watch has earned a good reputation among the troops for its sturdy and durable quality, and even became one of the soldiers’ favorite. In the entire movie, the watch was worn on Captain Willard’s wrist, which became a symbol. Dramatically, however, in the first two years of the film’s global release, in 1977, 6105 was discontinued. With the re-enactment of the film in 2001, the call for re-enactment of this fake watches has begun to grow, and Seiko has never let their fans down.

Like the previously launched Prospex Diver 300m Hi-beat SLA025, Seiko is also faithful to the original design for this watch, without the logo of Prospex. Its case size has reached 45mm and the thickness is 13mm. The polished fake watch case with a polished and satin brushed finish has a “super hard” coating and the double-sided curved sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating.
The watch is water resistant to 200 meters and is equipped with a screw-in crown. By the way, the “Lock” logo on the 6105 watch is retained on its crown. The top of the bezel has been polished with the Zaratsu process, allowing it to be fine and sharp at any angle.
It is equipped with a Cal.8L35 self-winding movement with a vibration frequency of 28800 vph, which provides a 50-hour power reserve. This is a very controversial movement because Seiko stated that its daily error rate is -10/+15 seconds. Many watch owners said that their watches work well and meet the specifications of the astronomical clock, but some watch friends said that their watches are barely in line with the brand’s stated standards.
The new Seiko SLA033 is limited to 2,500 pieces, and the brand is equipped with a high-strength silicone strap.

Piaget 2019replica watch

The charm of gold is irresistible, and the rich color and strong plasticity continue to inspire the creative inspiration of artists and artisans. As early as 1957, the Earl continued to explore and tried to present the immortal charm of precious materials such as gold and platinum. After more than 60 years, the Earl honed to precipitate an unparalleled gold craft and a keen and delicate design. In the 2019 Geneva International High-end replica watches, the Piaget unveiled its fascinating gold watch masterpiece and new decorative craftsmanship to recreate the classic trend of the past.
As the most precious material, gold has been cherished by the world and used only in the most noble and sacred vessels. Piaget combines traditional gold charm with innovative gold techniques in a unique way, reflecting the superb craftsmanship of the brand’s excellence. The goldsmiths at the Earl of Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva have a passion for craftsmanship and creativity, creating more than a hundred unique gold watches and bracelets. The goldwork with its unique shape and unique style, whether it is a delicate bracelet with a ring or a flexible strap woven by a fine gold wire, highlights the craftsmanship of the Earl’s weightlifting and exquisite craftsmanship. Enjoy a pleasant sensory enjoyment.

In recent years, the Earl of fake watches restored the golden craftsmanship of antique collections from the 1960s to the 1970s, recreating the radiant elegance of the Piaget Society. The Extremely Lady collection, launched in 2018, re-creates the classic decorative craftsmanship and is completely redesigned to engrave the raw fur, frost and wooden texture on the surface of the rose gold.
Extremely Lady Rose Gold Watch (G0A44217) texture is like the scales of exotic animals, and the light and shadow interlaced with dazzling glare, adding a splendid brilliance to the stunning natural texture art of this collection. Each piece of scale has been carefully polished by hand to present a subtle difference and infinite variety of unique aesthetics, which are eventually smashed into a glittering, softly attached bracelet. The dial and strap of the new Extremely Lady are engraved with scales to recreate the aesthetics of the Piaget watch from the 1960s to the 1970s. The eye-catching diamonds and the rose gold warm light depict the classic lines of half a century ago, which are timeless and elegant.
The Limelight Gala fake watch, which reflects the classics of the era and highlights the elegance of the Earl, is known for its asymmetrical curves and modern retro style. In 2019, the Limelight Gala series launched a stunning rose gold hand-carved bracelet watch (G0A44167), showing the exquisite Piaget craft. The texture engraving design, called the Palace Totem, is based on several Piaget classics from the 1960s and is now reproduced on the new Limelight Gala, with delicate textures and vibrant lines on the dark green malachite dial. Release the overflowing streamer. The new hollow structure at the bezel and lugs facilitates the insertion of larger diameter diamonds. The bright-cut diamonds and gold case and strap are completely natural, with no traces of chisel.
Classic aura
The new watch recreates the brand’s classic collection of shadows, paired with rare gold, to open the journey with the Earl. 2019 fake watch The new style will be the fascination of the natural materials and natural elements, and it will be reflected in the golden charm.
In 2019, the new Altiplano watch embeds the sapphire material from the vast expanse of the sky into a slim and elegant dial, interpreting the elegance of the Altiplano series (G0A44051-G0A44052-G0A44053) with natural gray and deep blue ochre dials. The eye-catching bright gold ochre dial (G0A44050) adds a touch of softness to the collection, and the elegant rose gold case with the unique geometric texture of the ochre creates a visually contrasting contrast.

Montblanc fake watch107313

The Montblanc 107313 is a beautiful watch accessory that is a well-crafted and stylish fake watches that is not only visually appealing, but also suitable for any environment and comfortable to wear. Of course, as a timer, a minimalist, you can expect this Profile Lady Elegance to offer everything you can get from it: practical, precise and reliable.
Designed to meet all your expectations for an entry-level luxury fashion watch, this mid-size replica watches feature a sturdy, high-polished stainless steel case and a fixed bezel with an attractive brushed white calfskin bracelet. Comfortably fastened to the wrist with a buckle. The silver-white dial of this Profile Lady is made of scratch-resistant sapphire for good scratch and scratch protection and anti-glare for improved visibility and durability.

Simple and minimalist, the minimalist dial of this watch, in addition to two rhodium-plated batons, has only two gold-plated hands, precisely pointing to alternating brown nails and Roman marks, in a modern style. Adding more convenient, two-handed features SuperLuminova fills so they can be easily read in every light condition. In any case, the driver’s hand is the replica watch Montblanc movement 4810/110, mounted in a sturdy 23 mm x 35 mm rectangular case. It is a precision Swiss-made, battery-powered 5 jewel calibre, based on ETA quartz, which is rugged and extremely precise, so you can be confident in its performance.
Watch style: ladies, casual wear, elegance
Display Type: Analog
Sports: Swiss Quartz
Montblanc caliber 4801/110. Personalized, based on ETA sports. Made in Switzerland, battery powered quartz movement, two hands. 5 pieces of jewelry. Battery: 317 Renata, battery life up to 3 years.

Function: hour, minute
Dial: Silver White
Silver and white center. Rhodium-plated silver handles with SuperLuminova. Brown colored sticks and Roman numerals and time points. Reference mark around the inner edge.

Window: Sapphire Crystal
Scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating

Case: Stainless steel
Rectangular, Ø23mm × 35 mm, thickness 8.65 mm. polishing.

Bezel: stainless steel
Fixed baffle. polishing. mark.

Bottom cover: solid
stainless steel. engraved.

Crown: Pull and push the crown
stainless steel. Sign (珐琅). 1 O-ring.

Bracelet: calfskin
White, brush. ±16 mm wide. The standard length of the woman.

Clasp: three-fold expansion buckle
Notable features: glowing hands and markers
Waterproof: 30 meters (3 ATM / 99 feet)
It is not suitable for long-term contact with water.

Montblanc replica watch 106507

This fascinating luxury watch is the Montblanc 106507, part of the 300-only special edition Swiss automatic flyback chronograph watch from the watchmaker’s Timewalker TwinFly series replica watches. The Core uses Le Locle’s calibre MontBlanc MB LL100 with a black DLC-coated titanium case with a black dial and a luxurious black alligator strap.
Like other styles, this Timewalker Flyback offers almost everything Swiss luxury watch accessories can offer; style, reliability and sophisticated complications, backed by a purely mechanical movement. Of course, it is manufactured using the finest materials, components and precision processes to ensure optimal performance over the next few years.

The Montblanc 106507 is equipped with an ultra-durable black DLC-coated titanium case and a fixed bezel made of titanium. The case has a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of about 15.3 mm. The back of the case is transparent, like the black dial, protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal – the difference is that the top of the dial is dome-shaped and it has a double anti-reflective coating to enhance Visual. On the right side, a textured, non-spiral crown with a brand logo and two convenient buttons for timing. In addition, the black bracelet is made of genuine crocodile leather, about 20 mm wide, and is fitted with a titanium steel pin and a buckle.

Inside, the men’s Timewalker fake watches are equipped with the watchmaker’s second internal movement MontBlanc MB LL100. The mechanically self-winding movement of the Montblanc Calibre MB LL100 is an exquisite, versatile Swiss automatic movement that is produced with harmonic harmonics of 28,800 modifications per hour, making it pleasant, accurate and reliable. This chronograph movement is highlighted by its unique flyback mechanism, which specifically contains 36 jewels and provides a power reserve of approximately 72 hours (3 days) when fully wound. Functionally sensible, in addition to hours, minutes, continuous auxiliary seconds, the movement is also equipped with a chronograph, centrally installed sweep and 60-minute pointer, automatic date odd number but good position, located in nine, and has an affiliate GMT The dial is displayed at 12 o’clock.

Move forward, this is the fake watch of the Montblanc Timewalker TwinFly. The dial of the 106507 watch is very gorgeous; black bold, decorated with modern details, clever layout, easy to read. On the dial, there are several rhodium-plated silver hands, alternating rod and Arabic numerals, and markings around the outer edge. In addition, the hour and minute hands and the dot marks on the hour mark have SuperLuminova function, so they can remain visible under each lighting condition.

This DLC coated titanium leather watch is not only a timer, but also a versatile watch. Its delicate combination of pigeon titanium case, black dial and rich leather bracelet makes it easy to use and sure to satisfy anything you might pair. Not to mention that it is also 30 meters waterproof, which makes it enough for everyday wear. Thanks to its sapphire anti-glare and luminous hands and markings, the watch is very beautiful both day and night.

TAG Heuer-Carrera series replica watch mechanical men’s watch

AG Heuer WV211B.FC6202 is the first time to see it, giving you some “Eureka”, just like Archimedes got it hundreds of years ago. Simple and elegant, it is a timeless classic, and any trend will not be outdated. Because it’s crafted by TAG and equipped with Calibre 5, you can be sure that this beauty will keep running smoothly for years to come.
For men, this Carrera leather timepiece steel is medium in size. Its delicately polished round replica watches are made of sturdy stainless steel, 39 mm in diameter and 12.5 mm thick, while the elegant black leather bracelet features a deployment buckle with push buttons for extra security and width. It is about 20 mm. On both sides of the case, the top of the dial and the transparent bottom cover are covered with scratch-resistant sapphire to make it more durable. In fact, its overall structure has a water resistance of 50 meters.

The TAG Heuer WV211B.FC6202 bold black fake watch dial, polished case and stitched black leather strap make it easy to pair with anything. This watch is not only stylish, but also lightweight, with a smooth case curve and soft leather, which is also very comfortable to wear. In addition, the silver hands on the dial and the application mark are superLuminova, making it easy to read in all lighting conditions.

 This elegant fake watches offer precise timing and a built-in rugged TAG Heuer Calibre 5 watch with three hands and three automatic dates. Based on the ETA 2824-2, this movement is a Swiss-made automatic mechanical self-winding movement with 25 jewels, a tempo of 28,800 a / h and a power reserve of at least 38 hours. Like other automatic watches, it does gain some time. From an accuracy standpoint, the TAG Calibre 5 is rated at or slightly higher than the Elaborated grade version of its basic movement.
 Watch style: gentleman, casual wear, sports
Display Type: Analog
Sports: Swiss Auto
TAG Heuer Calibre 5. Personalized, based on ETA 2824-2 – refined. Swiss-made, self-winding mechanical automatic movement with three hands and date. 25 pieces of jewelry. 28,800 vph. Power reserve ± 38 ~ 40 hours. The accuracy is comparable to or slightly better than the Elaborated rating.

Function: hour, minute, second, date
Dial: Black
SuperLuminova is painted with silver. The silver tint is marked with a viscous hour of luminescent filling. Marks are printed around the outer edge. The date window is 3.

Window: Sapphire Crystal
Scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating.

Case: Stainless steel
Round, Ø39mm, thickness ±12.5 mm. polishing.

Bezel: stainless steel
Fixed bezel. polishing.

Bottom cover: see through
Screw-in stainless steel, sapphire display. engraved.

Crown: Pull and push the crown
stainless steel. Groove, logo.

Bracelet: calfskin
Black, contrasting color stitching. ±20 mm wide. The standard of men.

Clasp: Folding snap, two-button safety
Notable features: Calendar
Luminous hand and marker
Transparent exhibition bottom cover
Waterproof: 50 meters (5 ATM / 165 feet)
Everyday wear, suitable for splashing, raining and showering.

Replica watch Longines masterpieces enhance their personal image

When the watch as a manifestation of personal image is becoming more and more popular, people’s consumption consciousness will inevitably be enhanced. However, considering the price of genuine watches is extremely expensive, it is a wise choice to choose a replica watches that have obvious cost performance advantages, especially The products of the high-end Longines masters series are quite high-end, and can effectively enhance their personal image after wearing. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can become high-imitation watches recognized by consumers. The key is to be able to be based on the same price. Buying a more high-end watch shows personal taste, which is why high imitation watches can soar.
Rational view of high imitation craft

It is undeniable that many people still lack professional knowledge about the watch watches, so they still need to be mobilized in the purchase enthusiasm of the products. After experiencing the performance of the high-end Longines masters series, they will find the product advantages as well-known brands. More obvious, in fact, this is also a full affirmation of the high imitation process, and for consumers, the rational view of the watch’s high imitation technology is particularly important, after all, the genuine watch is not affordable for everyone, only for high imitation Technology has a rational understanding, in order to have a comprehensive grasp of the purchase channels and methods of watches.
Highlight performance advantages
Although the production process of genuine watches is extremely precise, after adopting advanced engraving technology, today’s high imitation watches also have superior advantages in product quality and performance, but many people have a professional understanding of fake watch watches. There is a lack of information on the sales platform in the actual purchase process of the high-end Longines masters series products. However, after familiar with the development status of the industry, we will find that WeChat and the website are very convenient sales channels, which is rich for consumers. The choice of products is also very helpful, the key is to be able to reasonably avoid the impact of uncertain factors in the transaction process.
Cater to the fashion trend
It is not difficult to see that the watch as a personal temperament, the advantages in product performance and quality are more obvious, even the high-end Longines master watch series with advanced engraving technology can also reflect the high-end products. The taste and grade, so it is especially important to cater to the fashion trend. After all, this is an indispensable commodity for many fashionistas. It can show the superiority of fashion elements through the wearing experience of high imitation watches. This is also extremely advantageous for highlighting the existence value of high imitation watches.

Genuine Gucci men replica watch watch classic YA126404

This watch is not only equipped with a dazzling diamond-decorated white dial and a stylish stainless steel construction, but also features a precise Swiss quartz movement with good water resistance, making it more practical and reliable.
The Gucci YA126404 G-Timeless replica watches is a medium-sized flat fake watches. Its 8 mm slim and sturdy round case is 38 mm in diameter, while the bracelet with the unfolding buckle firmly attached to the wrist has a 20 mm wide ratio. Inside, this fascinating steel is equipped with a high-quality Swiss-made ETA quartz movement, offering three hands for pleasing precision and four clear date indicators. Practical, the entire timepiece has a water resistance of 50 meters, so it will not be taken away by water splashes or rain.

Surrounded by a fixed bezel, it is a striking white dial with a classic X-pattern and a white “G” shape. All are made of non-abrasive sapphire crystal. The interior is anti-reflective and has excellent clarity. . The dial shows a silver pointer that points to the shiny 12 diamond hour scale, with the hour and minute hands coated with SuperLuminova, which is easy to see even in the dark.

Like other Gucci diamond fake watch watches, all the diamonds used in this G-Timeless YA126404 battery watch are round and bright, with 57 facets, VVS clarity, F to G color. In any case, this Quartz medium watch also has a black dial version.
Card: Gucci
Collection: G-Eternal
Series: Quartz media
Model: YA126404
SKU Ref: 244602 I16F0 1193

Watch style: gentleman, dress, elegant, fashion
Display Type: Analog
Sports: Swiss Quartz
Calibre ETA Quartz. Made in Switzerland, battery powered quartz movement, three hands, date. Battery life is up to 3 years.

Function: hour, minute, second, date
Dial: white
“G” and x pattern decoration. SuperLuminova painted silver hands. 12 diamond hour markers. The date is shown at 4.

Window: Sapphire Crystal
Scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating.

Case: Stainless steel
Round, Ø38mm, thickness ± 8.8 mm. Fine brushing and polishing.

Bezel: stainless steel
Fixed baffle.

Bottom cover: solid
stainless steel. engraved.

Crown: Pull and push the crown
stainless steel. Groove, logo.

Bracelet: Stainless steel
Silver tones, fine brushed and polished. Chain bracelet. ±20 mm wide. Men’s standard length.

Clasp: hidden deployment buckle
Distinctive features: Diamond
Luminous pointer
Waterproof: 50 meters (5 ATM / 165 feet)
Everyday wear, suitable for splashing, raining and showering.